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Our Testimonies

The adoption process is one full of many different emotions. Here are a few of our clients that were willing to share their personal experience to bring support to those looking to start the process.

“he anxiety of starting the process that will forever change my life was taken away the moment we contacted the office of Attorney Sheila M. Torres..." Read More

- Maricelis Barbosa -

“There were plenty of moments where we feel uncertain but we always had the support of Ms.Torres..." Read More

- Miguel Saez y Leticia Gonzalez -

"José was a child under the Puerto Rico Department of the Family Care. As a foster home that we were, we decided to adopt him..." Read More

- Annie Ramos Rosado -

"Adoption could be a very exciting way to have a child but within the process there could be..." Read More

- Angelik Melissa Velázquez Alicea (adopted youth) and Ursula Velázquez (adoptive mother) -