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PR Child Adoption Counseling Services, Inc

Is the first and only office located in Puerto Rico that offers all the necessary services, under one roof, for the purpose of adopting a minor in PR, available for residents of Puerto Rico and the United States.

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Sheila M. Torres, Esq.

Through the years, attorney Sheila M. Torres, has worked as legal counsel to many families and individuals. She has also counseled and assisted many residents of PR and US in the process of adopting minors in the island. Torres acquired a Bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor from Universidad Cátolica de PR, which eventually led her to work directly with child abuse cases as legal counsel for the Department of Family. This experience woke in her a greater passion for family law and to properly counsel those in need.

Sheila M. Torres started her private practice in 2010, and her passion for family law drove her to the creation of PR Child Adoption Counseling Services Inc. This platform has given her the tools to help many wanting to become parents the reality to do so, as well as to help children find a home full of love. Torres believes in continually educating the community about the adoption process, what makes her participate in many discussion panels, conduct media interviews, and offer seminars on the topic. In the end, it is the personal wish of this mother of three, with about 15+ years of experience in Family law, to keep working in a responsible and committed way with those who want to adopt and create new families.


These services are available for Puerto Rico and US residents.

  • • We help you inscribe in different PR adoption agencies registries.
  • • Help you process documents that are necessary in PR in order to be inscribed in different PR adoption agencies registries.
  • • Help you with legal processing in courts.
  • • Social qualified expert report
  • • Adoption Inscription in Puerto Rico's Demographic Registry.
  • • Validate in Puerto Rico adoptions from other jurisdiction or abroad.
  • • Adoption themed Seminars and workshops to schools, agencies and institutions.


  • Can US and PR residents adopt in Puerto Rico and in the United States?
    Yes. US and PR residents can adopt in the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • Do I have to be registered in an agency to adopt a minor in Puerto Rico?
    Yes. You have to be registered in a certified adoption agency to be able to adopt in Puerto Rico.
  • If I am a US resident, do I have to travel to Puerto Rico to register at an adoption agency?
    No. PR CHILD ADOPTION COUNSELING SERVICES, INC include helping you register in different adoption agencies and you only have to travel to Puerto Rico when the agency requires you to meet a minor for possible adoption and for court dates thereafter.
  • Can I be penalize or criminally accused if I voluntarily give up my child?
    No. But you can only voluntarily give up children from zero to three years old.
  • If I wish to voluntarily give up my child, do I have the right for my identity to remain confidential?
    Yes. The process is completely confidential.
  • Can I carry out an adoption agreement without an agency involvement?
    No. All adoption agreements have to be processed through an agency or it will not be valid.